I decided to place a text about Tantra here to help people distinguish what tantra is and what it is not.

Like a surgeon does not need a scalpel only, but many other things, too - a good team of people, etc., Tantra is not just one thing either - that is, it is not always sex. Surgery is a complicated process - it needs a good anesthetist, a lot of other doctors who cooperate before and after the surgery, they need dozens of instruments, take care of the patient after the surgery, so everyone must see that I am right. Tantra, too, belongs to the environment where it must have all the necessary conditions that the surgeon needs for his/her work. First of all, Tantra is an indivisible part (as a surgical instrument is indivisible from the surgeon's hand) of Hinduism and Buddhism; it is a technique to approach God and not a cheap glorification of sex. Proper surgery cannot be made in a stable for horses similarly like Tantra cannot be practiced without all prerequisites that make it what it is - that is, Tantra. What this Western civilization made of Tantra is nothing but business.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a spiritual journey to the unknown when a person relaxes and opens his or her channels of love to God. Opening these channels will give a practitioner a completely new experience. Tantra is the experiential path and it combines involvement of Deities.

Parvati, while once sitting on Mount Himavat, asked Lord Shiva: Tell me, which is the most important Tantra? Lord Mahadeva said: Listen, dearest Parvati, it is because of your feminine nature that you continually ask me. Parvati, there is mantra-pitha, yantra-pitha and yoni-pitha. Of these yoni-pitha is the most important.

The word pitha in Sanskrit means "stool" and "mantra-pitha" is Tantra focused on the chanting of mantras (with the need to free love in us). From the Lord Shiva's answer it is clear that Tantra is not only sex, as He would have otherwise never mentioned other Tantras to Parvati.

Yantra-pitha is visualization of images of Deities with intentions to express love to them. But as I said, there is brotherly love, sisterly love, etc., so not all Tantric systems do necessarily need to involve sex. You may love Parvati as her son and this, too, may be a Tantric worship.

Yoni Tantra (yoni = vagina in Sanskrit) is one of the Tantras close to making love (or it is making love), but not just an ordinary one. Tantra is a path into the process when you start believing that your (sexual partner in case of Yoni-pitha) partner is God. Yoni Tantra is a little bit more than just pure brotherly or sisterly love - it is love between man and woman (with sex) and awakening it with focus on God (Deities).

Tantra is a system of voluntary rituals and not known to most of the people, not even the Hindus. It has always been a secret path.

It is absolute nonsense to believe that if you go to a tantric course (the Internet offers thousands of them) that you will actually learn the secrets of Tantra - NEVER! It is because people do not recognize that, like a surgery, Tantra, too, requires many other things that must be associated with it. What the media and this decadent Western civilization made of Tantra is nothing but a glorification of sex. The truest Tantra is like the truest Indian (but most secret) tea and you can never produce it off the environment where it belongs - look at Darjeeling and imagine that someone decided to start growing it on European hills covered with smog. The Himalayan environment is unsubstitutable in the same way as the surgeon's tools and the entire environment around him (or her).

Tantra is love and love is an action. Without action there is no love. Its numerical representation is 2.


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