OJ 287 - Sounds of Space

OJ 287 is a blazar located some 3.5 billion light years away. This object is believed to have the largest known supermassive black hole at its center with a mass of 18 billion solar masses. Two supermassive black holes orbiting each other are believed to be at its center.

This part of my esoteric lexicon will contain links to websites with cosmic sounds. You will be able to hear:

Radio signals from various satellites

Various Sounds of Space (like Voyager Termination Shock, etc.)

Whistlers (sounds are produced by lightning), chorus (rising-frequency tones), etc.

Sounds of Enceladus and the Song of the Sun

Spooky Space 'Sounds'

Selected sounds of space

And finally sounds GRS 1915+105 Black Hole and much more!!!

List of Black Holes



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