Yeti And Geometrical Shapes On Mars

Maybe the Yeti and Mars are hardly associable together, but on this website you can see a picture of Yeti on Mars. Let us shake a secret lamp with mystery of Yeti on Mars in order to find out a little genie in it. The Yeti is an unknown, till now unidentified humanoid creature, the reports about which came from people who visited the Himalayas. They allegedly saw either a tall humanoid creature with body of a big ape, or big foots - tracks in the snow. The most of the reports come from Nepal and Tibet.

The word "Yeti" is derived from the Tibetan language. Scientific community basically denies any possible existence of the Yeti. Among people who noticed suspiciously big foots in the Himalayas are also some important personalities the observations of which were noted down in books and various papers. Charles Howard-Bury is one of such personalities, who at the beginning of the 20th century found big foots in the Himalayas and his companion, a sherpa, said that they had ran across the footmarks of a "wild snow man". Charles Howard-Bury led an expedition of the British Royal Geographic Society in the Himalayas and he has not been the only source which noticed such footmarks.

Hindus consider Yeti to be a descendant of Hanuman and his "monkey people".

A similar ape-like humanoid creature but with a different name - Bigfoot (or Sasquatch), is also reported in USA and Canada. Bigfoot is said to be up to three meters tall and haired all over its body. Scientists consider reports about this creature to have the same deceptive nature as rumors about the Yeti, so let us say, too, a few words about scientists.

Why it is not good to believe scientists always and for every price?

Scientists gave the world a lot of useful knowledge and technological spoils, but the best of them have always been ridiculed by their own community, not by the public, which is sad. It is similar like in the Catholic church in the bowels of which the most charismatic people experienced most problems. Edison and Einstein were ridiculed too. Many scientists are very conservative even today and they often do not accept anything that is beyond their "scientific scope". I will therefore show here a little picture of the Hale Crater on Mars, which can be found on the ESA website (European Space Agency). The picture can be either found here under the title Hale Crater, or directly here.

You probably see very well that the raw data of the picture was deliberately covered up. If you decrease the brightness and increase the contrast (and I did this myself), in the lower - the critical part of the picture - you will get a result as seen here.

The credibility of the picture is undisputable, although its previous coloring and retouching is a "scientists' error". However, if you reduce the brightness and increase the contrast in image manipulation applications (like PhotoShop, Gimp, or IrfanView), the geometrical shapes will clearly prove that scientists' comments on Mars we often hear in the media are only selective. Why? Refined geometry (for example, four rectangles) can only be made by intelligent beings and not by the caprice of nature. I certainly agree that the famous picture of a "human face" on Mars can be just a result of our imagination. But what should we think about the geometrical shapes seen on Mars (from a reliable source)?

Agencies that collect the taxpayers' money do really provide us sometimes with lies. If not, then we are a little wiser. Maybe already tomorrow we will hear just other boring news in the mainstream media that there is no life on Mars. Do you see the picture?


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