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This section of my website is dedicated to transsexuals in connection to spirituality. But I must put emphasis on the fact that I have no intention to promote anything related to sexual activity and I do not wish to receive e-mails in this regard. To be more specific, I want to pay attention to the existence of reincarnation in relation to transsexualism and I also want to help people understand what transsexualism is and what it is not.

Transsexualism is something completely different from homosexuality - it is a gender identity disorder, which means that a person is born in a male (or female) body with the opposite-gender mind (a female mind in a male body or vice versa). Transsexualism is therefore neither homosexuality, nor any sexual deviation.

In case of transsexualism you may say that it is a disease, or that a transsexual's mind is a reincarnated soul that unfortunately went into a body of the opposite sex. Transsexualism has therefore its origin in the spirit.

Our society looks, on the one hand, completely normally (except for mental diseases) at various diseases, but its view of transsexualism is, on the other hand, crossed with too many prejudices.

Many transgender people are spiritual and there is quite a number of websites dedicated to transsexualism that confirm that a high percentage of transsexuals are spiritual people. You may also look at the following website.

GALVA is a Hindu community that welcomes people of gay, lesbian, or transsexual orientation. Eastern and Central Europe is extremely rigid in this sense. Catholic Poland, Slovakia, or Austria are countries with much more restrictive eyes than the Netherlands. A famous Australian transsexual Christy McNicol collaborated with the most famous celebrities of the world. Such collaboration is almost unthinkable in Central Europe.

MapaEastern cultures have transsexualism rooted in their earliest literary works. Hindu god Vishnu took the form the Hindus know as Mohini (a female form of Vishnu) and Shiva, too, is not unique in this regard. This Lord Shiva's form known as Ardhanarishvara is the most perfect and a very ancient symbolization of transsexualism, because it shows both a transsexual woman and a transsexual man in one body.

The picture on the left shows this form of Lord Shiva - a half-man and a half-woman known as Ardhanarishvara. The statues and pictures of this form of Shiva were found already from the times of the first century AD in the Kushan Empire that extended to Afghanistan (from India).

Spirituality and transsexualism have much in common and we should get rid of all prejudices viewing the both. The Australian transsexual Christie received an invitation to take part in one of the most prestigious shows in the world - the Olympic Games in Sydney.

Transsexualism is not a lifestyle, nor is it a deviation, nor homosexuality. A transsexual person is not a sexual object with something extra, but the product of the inconsistency of the mind and the body. We should accept this as the fact - transsexuals are the people with a sensitive soul and we should not harm them.

A website to meet a transgender person.


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