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Transvestite/Transsexuals - How to choose a wig

We all have problems choosing a hairstyle to suit us, and the wide range of wigs available on the market often makes that choice even more daunting. Most wig suppliers do not accept returns on wigs that have been worn/used, making the choice of wig even more important.

How do you, as a TS or TV girl, decide what style will suit and feminize your face? Wigs can dramatically change your appearance, face shape and look. You should take your time getting to know your face shape and choosing the right style for your face. By choosing the correct wig to hide certain parts of your face you are able to draw the eye to your more attractive features.

MapaChoosing a Style

Face Framing or forward style wigs will go a long way to help you achieve a more feminine look while being easy to care for and style.

Many crossdressers, trans people and transvestites may have a prominent bones above the eye sockets or brow. To disguise this masculine feature, it is best to go for a style with a fringe that covers the area and draws the eye down toward the lower part of the face. Choose a wig with more volume on the crown (as opposed a flat style) which will balance out the size and width of your face.

Wider or square faces can also be altered in appearance by bringing styles closer to the actual face and, as long as the ends are soft the effect can be very dramatic and face framing hairstyle with soft fringe and razor cut ends. A wig with whispy layers which frame the face can mask many masculine features such as wide jaw line or prominent brow.

Choosing a colour

Most TS/TV girls make the mistake of choosing a colour that they like rather than what would suit their skin tone. For as natural a look as possible to "pass", stick to as close to your natural colour as possible. Going for an outrageous colour or an overly luxurious or glamorous wig will only draw unwanted attention to yourself.

Have a search on the internet for girls who have similar colouring and skin tone to you and see what colours suit them.

If you have naturally mid brown- dark brown/black eyes and eyebrows, stick to darker wig colours with highlights or deep red colours.

If you have blonde to light brown natural hair colour and eyebrows, stick to the lighter colours on the spectrum or possibly ginger colours.

Gone are the day of buying one wig for ?100+ (USD$150+) which has to last you for a good few years. These days, realistic man-made fibres such as kanekelon mean that great quality, modern and stylish wigs can be yours for less than ?30 ($50). This means that you can change your looks regularly to suit your mood!

Make-overs and wig advice

Many wig stores, such as ours, are incredibly TV/TS friendly. Email us a photo of yourself and we will happily suggest some styles for you- making your wig buying experience stress-free. Someone will hold your hand and advise you the whole way!

If you are able to treat yourself, there are increasingly more make-over services providing a one-stop shop for a head to toe feminization treatment. You will be given advice on hair, make-up, underwear , clothes and shoes to go away and experiment with, giving you greater confidence to explore your feminine self.

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The "Hollow Earth" assumption


The Hypothesis

First, let me explain something quite simply before I elaborate on this "Hollow Earth Theory". If you are unaware of this speculation that was presented to some of the world's leader in the past (and in the present) – let me explain. There arewell-respected scientists, mathematicians, doctors, and other professions related to the subject that believes that our planet Earth is hollow.

Although, there are many different beliefs on how the Earth is actually hollow, they all believe in the same philosophy; some believed in the "Concave Hollow Earth Theory", in which humans live in a sphere like shell but on the interior surface and that the universe is in the center; some believed that the Earth has different levels, each level containing an atmosphere and its own sun (it is believed that the Earth and the universe as we know it may very well be one of these levels); there are some that believed that there are caverns beneath the surface of the Earth (accessible somewhere in Antarctica), and that a possible species (or
many species) could actually be living below us. This is still believed today by some. There are other beliefs as well as these, but these beliefs are the most common.

Fiction turned Fact or Vice Versa?

Ever since ancient times, people believed that Earth was hollow. In ancient Greece, it's where Hades was located, and the early Christians believed that's where Lucifer was sent to
when he fell from Heaven – they call it Hell. In Jewish scriptures, Sheol is located beneath the Earth. In the Jewish belief, when you are dead and buried, your soul enters Sheol. No matter what moral choices you made while alive, your soul awaits in total darkness until the "resurrection" (judgment day). Some others, who follow the Jewish belief, believe that while waiting in Sheol, you could be in total comfort or being ruthlessly tormented while waiting for the "coming of the savior".

Books were soon written about the Earth being hollow (fiction and non-fiction), tales of adventure about explorers seeking out or stumbling upon an opening in the Earth's crust, or
actual, true predictions that there actually is a world within this world.

In 1906, William Reed openly admitted that he supported the idea of a hollow Earth and wrote the book Phantom of the Poles but with no interior suns or separate levels.

Another book written in 1913, by Marshall Gardner was about how he believed prehistoric species lived beneath the Earth's surface. In 1920, he wrote an expanded edition based on the same principals but placed an interior sun in the hollow Earth.

Eventually, UFO enthusiasts who also believed in "The Hollow Earth Theory" came to the presumption that UFOs (sometimes known as USOs – "unidentified submerged objects") reside in these underground caverns. When the US dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, these inhabitants emerged from these hidden societies in an act of self-defense because they were concerned of radioactive material flowing into the world's interior where they dwell.

Soon, science fiction writers took the idea of a hollow Earth and wrote in their pulp magazines stories of lost world's and unnatural beings. A lot of authors took the idea of H.G.
Wells' book, The Time Machine and his underworld creatures, the Morlocks and put their own twist in their fictional stories. Wells wrote that book in 1895, but it's not sure if he believed in a hollow Earth.

Allegedly, in 1964, Dr. Walter Siegmiester wrote the book The Hollow Earth under the pseudonym Dr. Raymond Bernard. He did this because he firmly believed in a hollow Earth, but didn't want to be discredited or ridiculed for his beliefs. This was revealed in an article written by Martin Gardner but not until the book Subterranean Worlds: 100,000 years of dragons, dwarves, the dead, lost races and UFOs from inside the Earth by Walter Kafton-Minkel and published in 1989. It was then that the connection between Bernard and Siegmiester became well known.

Adolf Hitler

It is true that Hitler believed in some theory of the earth being hollow, it was unsure whether he believed in one theory or in all of them. But he made several attempts in trying to discover some proof by sending a Nazi admiral by the name of Donitz to Antarctica in a submarine.

Places like Tibet, Peru, and the North Pole, were believed to have openings to the hollow Earth and Hitler sent researchers to investigate. It is believed that Hitler had sent spies into
the United States to search Mount Shasta in California for a possible entrance.

Hitler is also believed, according to German writers Peter Bender and Fritz Braun, to have sent an expedition out to a certain point on the planet where it was believed that if the Nazis pointed infrared telescopes straight into the air they would be able to spy on the British fleets and have a strategic advantage, but this wasn't documented and can't be proven. This would have proven, however, that Hitler believed in a hollow Earth and in the "concave" Hollow Earth Theory.

The United States

Now you know that the United States has had their say in this "Hollow Earth Theory", and our own presidents either believed in it – or they didn't. Presidents like Jimmy Carter and Harry Truman are believed to have made comments about the Earth being possibly hollow, even President John Quincy Adams believed in a possible hollow Earth and was going to send a loyal follower on an expedition, by the name of James McBride. But President Adams left office before this could occur. Andrew Jackson was the next President of the United States and he put a stop to the campaign. It was rumored that President Jackson was the only president to have believed that the Earth was flat. This rumor could have been started from him personally terminating the hollow Earth excursion; started by his defeated opponent's followers.

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Famous Hindu Temples in India

Birla Mandir – It is one of the famous Hindu temple dedicated to Laxmi and Narayana. It was inaugurated by Mahatama Gandhi in 1938. The temple was built by Mr. B.D. Birla of Birla Group, one of the famous buisness group of India.

Guruvayoor Temple – It is located in Thriussar district of Kerala, and its presiding diety is Lord Krishna.It is said that the idol in the temple was worshipped by Lord Brahma himself at the holy city of Dwarka. The temples is known to have healing powers and a devotee would be able to find mental peace and tranquality upon visiting this lovely dome.

Sabrimala Temple – Located on the Sahyadri ranges in Western Ghats, it is one of the important shrine of India. It is one of the important hindu temples of India . The Sabarimala Temple festival is celebrated in honour of Lord Ayyapan who is revered by all in India.

Sun Temple – It is culmination of Orissan temple architecture and is a famous World Heritage Sites in 1984 of India. The sun temple is dedicated to the Sun God. It is one of the most popular destination in Orissa.

Tirupati Balaji Temple – This is one of the richest temple in the world. It is one of the major pilgrimage sites of India. An estimated 30,000 devotees visit Balaji Temple every year.

Omkareshwar Temple – It is one of the 12 revered Jyotirlinga shrines of Shiva. It is located 12 miles from Mortakka in Madhya Pradesh. Shaped like the holiest of all Hindu symbols, 'Om', Omkareshwar Temple draws attention of travellers from all across the world.

Vaishno Devi – Situated at a height of 5, 300 ft, It is one of the most visited pilgrimage site of India. This holy cave shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi and is situated in hill top.

Thousand Pillar Temple –Located about 10 km away from the Warangal city of Andhra Pradesh, Thousand Pillar Temple is constructed by the Kakatiya ruler, Rudradeva

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Article source: http://www.articlesbase.com/travel-articles/famous-hindu-temples-in-india-859733.html

A Hindu Temple in a 400 Million Year Old Cave

The actual geographical structure of the Batu Caves in Malaysia is nothing to rave about, but its cultural significance lies in its Hindu Temple, which illustrates the sizeable contribution of the Indian community to the cultural traditions of Malaya. The caves are located about 12 km north of Kuala Lumpur in Gombak District. The oldest shrine is about 113 years old and sees about 1.5 million pilgrims annually, the temple is known as the most visited Hindu monument outside India.

The limestone caves are said to be over 400 million years old and is a system that encompasses about three main caves. The largest cave which is known as the Cathedral Cave has a ceiling which is about 100 meters high, this cave also holds a few ornate Hindu sculptures. It is believed that these temples were first inhabited by the indigenous Besisi and the caves were later discovered by an Indian trader called Pillai who also founded the Sri Mariamman Temple in Kuala Lumpur. It is said that Pillai installed a sculpture of Sri Subramaniam Swami inside the cave which led to the formation of the Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Muruga.

Each an important Hindu festival known as Thaipusam is celebrated here during mid January. The festival is a celebration of the Hindu mythology where Lord Siva danced with his consort Uma and also signifies the movement of the moon through the star sign Cancer. The annual festival draws in millions of Hindu devotees from places as far away as Australia, India and Singapore.

The festival begins as a procession in the early hours of morning in Kuala Lumpur and ends at the Batu Caves, the devotees carry containers filled with milk and floral decorations known as Kavadi as offerings to the Lord Muruga. Devotees usually stop for a purifying bath at the Rocky River and resume their journey.

For tourists the Batu caves offer the dual attraction of being inhabited by the indigenous Besisi and being the home of Malaysia's most important Hindu temple. The walkway up to the temple also offers scenic views of the surrounding lush rainforest and on clear days it is even possible to see beyond Kuala Lumpur's suburbs towards the Bay.

Despite being located away from Kuala Lumpur's city it is advisable for travelers to base themselves in a city hotel. A discount hotel in Kuala Lumpur that offers great access to the transportation network and shopping districts is Citrus Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Article source: http://www.articlesbase.com/destinations-articles/a-hindu-temple-in-a-400-million-year-old-cave-448136.html


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