Shambala - the "Hidden Kingdom"

Some people say that Shambala is hidden (which means that it still exists) in a remote part of the Himalayas. Some call this mysterious kingdom "a house of the immortals" - Gyanganj. It is identified as Shambhala, Shangri-La or Siddhashram, but this "wondrous land" has many other names.

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The name of this kingdom is mentioned in various ancient texts, including the Kalachakra Tantra and Zhang Zhung texts.

We approach this kingdom from two levels:
1) It was the factual kingdom with King Suchandra as its first king; its place is believed to have existed somewhere in the present Indian state Himachal Pradesh (bordering with Indian states Jammu and Kashmir in the north).
2) It is the "Hidden Kingdom" of enlightened beings who are invisible like dark matter in the universe.

The notion of Shambhala is incorporated both in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Shambhala is possibly a "kingdom" that ancient Greeks knew as Hyperborea, ancient Slavs as the Bujan Island, Tamils as Kumari Kandam - almost all nations have ancient legends that speak about a developed and very ancient race of beings.



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