Hermeticism in contemporary days

As there are still a little less understanding people, it is important to say that this website has nothing to do with any ideology and Nazism in particular; the information in this article is purely concerned with various mystic things, ancient symbols, their heraldry, and their possible transference into the present age. Hermeticism is the ancient occult science and here we only highlight some facts of hermeticism that have appeared throughout history up to the present day.


Priests have always had a strong influence on all emperors, starting with Pharaohs. Hermeticism is a preceding science of alchemy; alchemy is a predecessor of freemasonry. Sciences of the occult come from the Sun - the explosion of Light.

Hermeticism is an ancient collection of occult teachings and its tradition is based upon a strange concept of two suns, which also transferred into alchemy. By the term "occult" we mean "hidden to our eyes" - the term is nowadays frequently replaced by the more modern one - esotericism. Alchemy, albeit partially also abused by certain (occult) groups wishing to gain control over the medieval emperors, was - apart from its material aspect - also a spiritual path with arcane philosophy; some adepts believed that they could find the Philosophers' Stone - a materialized essence of God. The progress of success in one's work was termed as "Black Sun" - Sol Niger - an old alchemic term in the so-called Opus Magnum - it refers to the stage of achieving the "Perfect Work". Hermes Trismegistos, who is supposed to be the author of various ancient scripts about hermeticism, was an Egyptian (in ancient Egypt).

Black Sun

Revelation 6: 12: "When he opened the sixth seal, I looked, and behold: there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth..."

This symbol was used in ancient China more than 3000 years before Christ - the nephrite disc is found in archeological excavations in graves of higher Chinese caste. It is a disc with a circle aperture in the middle, as seen on the picture (left). The circle aperture most probably signifies blackness of the sun during its eclipse; the term "black" comes from this wonder of nature. This symbol also personifies the Egyptian god Ra - a small dot in the middle of a circle is Ra (in the hieroglyph writing). The blackness in the middle can also be the "eye of God".

Black Sun is simultaneously also a symbol of Indians and it can be found in several ancient cultures too. Does this name mean that eclipse has always been considered a gateway to secrets? Nazis used this symbol too. Why?

Prima Matra and Vril

Prima Matra is a very ancient term. The Matter, in accordance with what this term (Prima Matra) covers, had its purest inward essence at the very beginning of Creation. This pure essence is called Prima Matra.

Vril is a secret energy known in mystic waters under various names such as Holy Spirit, Mana, Prana, Philosophers' Stone, Chi, Kundalini, Ilu or Orgone... The term Vril comes from a very interesting person. Edward Bulwer-Lytton was a playwright, poet and politician (1803-1873). He wrote a book (a kind of a utopia similar to Francis Bacon's New Atlantis) entitled The Coming Race where he describes a very advanced master race living in the underground, which the author had visited while exploring mines with his friend. The book is written so persuasively that many readers started to believe that it had really happened.

The name of the Nazi military organization SS could simultaneously hide another meaning, or a secret SS part within it, as can be assumed from the German abbreviation for Black Sun, which is Schwartze Sonne; an interesting argument that may support this notion is the factual existence of Black Sun in the Nazi heraldry (SS symbol was also: two flashes of lightning in the shape of S inside a dark circle).

A very strong medium of the secret Vril society was Maria Orsitsch or Orsic (written differently, as it is a Croatian name) and she was first mentioned in a book written by Bergier and Pauwels: "Aufbruch ins dritte Jahrtausend: von der Zukunft der phantastischen Vernunft". The Vril society was purely a female group and Maria had allegedly contacts with extraterrestrials. But it was not the only secret group mentioned in reference to history of Germanic secret movements. DHvSS (in German: Die Herren vom Schwarzen Stein) is a group of "men of black stone" the origin of which goes back to medieval Europe when Templars first visited the Orient. Their central belief concentrated on the magical black stone Ilu.

Vril as an organization slithered to life again from its black (not opened to eyes) habitats and it is presently known as Causa Nostra with website in the German language only: http://www.causa-nostra.com/

The website has also some references to German admiral Canaris, who participated in anti-Nazi opposition. Wilhelm Canaris was the head of Abwehr - German intelligence; he also stood behind attempts to assassinate Hitler. Canaris also saved lives of a number of Jews. Nazis executed him at the end of World War II. Canaris could be involved in many other secret activities of Nazi Germany.


This is an enigmatic German goddess, but only a modicum of information is available about her; however, some references connect her origin with Assyria. Isais is very similar to the Egyptian goddess Isis. At about 1220 (source: http://thuletempel.org/) Templars had allegedly imported her to Europe from the Orient and thus the group DHvSS had been formed with Ilu as their Holy Grail.

Holy Grail

It is not any beautiful cup as most people might think, but rather a black dish or black stone Jesus allegedly drank wine from; it has miraculous powers. The first reference about Holy Grail comes from 1180-1191; its author was Chrétien de Troyes.

Some websites write that "no traces of devotees of hermeticism can be found today" - it is simply a naive conclusion, as looking for traces of secret groups is like trying to enter deep into the underground. Only in the recent period one of such mystics was Fulcanelli - probably a hermetic, too, who is mentioned in a book entitled Le Matin des Magiciens written by the same authors who wrote the book about the secret Vril society.

The bigger the secret that comes into our hands, the more we are drawn by the magnetic possession and blackness of it into the overt oddities of the universe.


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