You may probably ask if there is anything else than freedom of expression behind this website? Yes, it is a religious expression, because as the author of this website I want to express my sincere service to Tripura Sundari and a few other Hindu Goddesses like Manasa Devi or Karumariamman as the ancient forms of Shakti. Lord Shiva has a very deep seat in my heart too. A right to foster this loving devotion to these Goddesses is based upon my personal feelings. Although freedom of expression and religious freedoms belong to basic rights of all democratic countries, I will not to reply to every e-mail because I received quite a number of offensive e-mails especially from the Western part of the (Hindu) world with accusations that I am a "trained Jesuit", or a "charlatan". I have never received such writing from India.

A number of e-mails I received from India were rather very optimistic:

I would like to say that your website on Shambhala is terrific! Most Hindu and Buddhist philosophy originated from there. Thanks again for the site!

I have also paranormal experiences and that is why I started this website, thus it also serves as a place where I solve my own mystery.

Every Hindu knows that Sanatana Dharma is a conglomerate of opinions, often contradictory ones, and with many traits, too, so e-mails condemning me for expressing what I feel rather mirror ignorance of the part of this world that is, to a great extent, attached to doctrines, schemes, and manipulation. You may contact me, but I do not care much about the "divine orders" that this institutional world asks for. My e-mail is below.

Juraj Sipos (aka George Nandana Sipos)

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