In Hindu scriptures, Brahma is the Creator, although not every Hindu denomination shares this opinion. This God almost disappeared from the pantheon of Hindu Gods whom people worship today. He has many descendants too.

In order to produce a human race, Brahma created a goddess from Himself - Gayatri, to many worshippers also known as Saraswati, which is today goddess of wisdom, arts, knowledge, and music (she is often pictured with veena, which is a kind of an Indian lyre, a musical instrument). Saraswati is a Brahma's consort similarly like Lakshmi is Vishnu's consort and Parvati Shiva's consort. There is also a belief that Saraswati and Gayatri are two Brahma's consorts and two independent deities.

In India, there are only three well-known temples dedicated to this God, which contradicts with thousands of temples dedicated to Lord Shiva or Lord Ganesh.

The picture shows the Brahma's temple, probably one of the most famous ones in the Rajastan state in Pushkar (India).

Brahma was allegedly cursed and Hindu mythology contains various stories why this happened. One such a story says that the great Bhrigu (a very high priest) cursed Brahma. Presently, there is a clan of saints who follow the ancient Bhrigu (the Bhrigus, also known as Bhargavas). Bhrigu prepared a very big sacrifice ceremony and invited the Highest (Trimurti) Gods. When he came to Brahma, this God was so immersed to music He heard from Saraswati playing her veena that He did not hear him. Angry Bhrigu cursed Brahma - "no one shall ever worship You on this earth", he said. Some people say that this really happened...


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